Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi

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Former Federal Minister for
Religious Affairs

NA-192 (Rahimyar Khan-I)

Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi

Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi son of Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi was born in Multan on 3rd October 1957, He has been elected MNA on the ticket of PPPP from NA-192 by defeating Makhdoom Syed Ahmad Alam Anwar of PML. He has  served as Minister for Religious Affairs in the cabinet of prime minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani. He was sacked by the prime minister Gilani on December 14, 2010 due to corruption scandal in his ministry.

He is an illumni of Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan from where he has done MA in 1985,

His father Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi son of Syed Muhammad Mukhtar Ahmad Shah Kazmi belonged to Amroha, India. They migrated to Multan in 1935. The family relates with Imam Musa Kazim through 35 steps, and this is why he is called Kazmi.

Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi has 11 siblings. They are six brothers and six sisters. The ProfileNames of brothers are;  Sayyed Mazhar Saeed Kazmi (Member of Islamic Council of ideology) Sayyed Sajjad Saeed Kazmi (Running a network of English Medium Schools) Sayyed Hamid Saeed Kazmi (Federal minister, Ministry of religious affairs and hajj) Dr. Sayyed Rashid Saeed Kazmi (doctor, currently residing in England) Sayyed Arshad Saeed Kazmi (a great expert in Aloom-e-hadith) Sayyed Tahir Saeed Kazmi (running his own school by the ProfileName of Hope) .

His elder brother Mazhar Saeed had taken charge of the seat after the death of their father.

Mr. Kazmi is married with two sons and two daughters.

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