Sherry Rehman

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Pakistan's Ambassador in USA
Shehrbano "Sherry" Rehman

Sherry Rehman was born on December 21, 1960, in Karachi. Her ProfileName is spelled Sherbano on the Election Commission website and Sheherbano elsewhere, is a liberal politician and journalist in Pakistan. She was appointed by the Pakistan People's Party as a Member of the National Assembly after the 2002 election to the seat NA-309, Women Sindh-II. She was one of the fourteen women in Reserved Seats from Sindh Province, six of whom were appointed by the PPPP Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians as their share in proportion to their elected MNAs.

She was born in Karachi and educated at Smith College, graduating in 1985. She has been an active campaigner for human rights and gender justice and a strong opponent of Pervez Musharraf's regime. A founder of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan she recently moved a Bill in the assembly calling for the repeal of the Hudood Ordinance.

She is a journalist and was formerly editor of The Herald. In March 2002 she was awarded the Overseas Award for Excellence in Journalism by the British House of Lords.

Rehman credits her parents with instilling in her a devotion to public service and a solid work ethic. Her father worked for years in public education and law, and her mother was the first woman vice president of the state bank of Pakistan. “I was exposed early on to the idea of women working and public life,” she says. “There was always an expectation to go out and earn your own living.”

She has travelled to the USA, UK, Russia, China, N Korea, UAE, Morocco, Egypt, KSA, Turkey, Thailand, Philipines, India, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. She is married to Mr.
Syed Nadeem Shahid Hussain.

According to the Declarations of Assets for 2005-6 filed by MNAs and published by the Election Commission of Pakistan, within the PPPP Ms. Sherry Rehman (NA-309, Women Sindh-II, PPPP) was the richest with net assets of Rs. 221.71 million, followed by Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Satti (NA-50, Rawalpindi-I, Punjab, PPPP) and Makhdoom Amin Faheem (NA-218, Hyderabad-I, Sindh, PPPP), the three richest PPPP MNAs in descending order. Her declared net assets were Rs. 52.49 million in the year 2002-2003.