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Ansar Abbasi

Being a popular ProfileName in journalism today, he has a lot to do with the tomorrow of print media of Pakistan as well; and to talk of the past, Ansar has really established himself as an accredited ProfileName. So, he has covered a tough past, has shined out as a glittering star in the present, and holds a promising future waiting for him. Few are blessed with the kind of success Ansar has been blessed with.

Ansar Ahmed Abbasi was born on 12th of June in 1965 and today undoubtedly stands as a prominent icon in journalism. He has been writing for the English Newspapers since long. He is the youngest son of Muhammad Sajawal Abbasi (Late) who died in 1981. He belongs to the clan of Abbasis from the beautiful Murree Hills.

Early life and Education:
Ansar Abbasi did his matriculation from Sir Syed School Rawalpindi. He then joined Government College Asghar Mall from where he did his Intermediate and later graduated with a ‘Bachelors in Arts’ degree from the same college. He did his Masters degree from Balochistan University, Quetta. He later earned another Masters degree from ‘Goldsmiths College, University of London’ - one of the top institutes for media studies in the United Kingdom.

His family:
When his father died Ansar was in Matric. His father used to do business in the wheat market and during the days of food rashioning in the 1970s the contract of distribution in Murree was with him. The deceased also had an interest in the property business.

His has spent his childhood in the hills of Murree and his family has also been maintaining a house in Islamabad ever since his birth. Therefore, his familiarity with the twin cities is also good.

Career in Journalism:
A career in journalism, for him, was not a matter of chance but of choice. It was a planned career move. After doing his Masters in Mass Communication, Ansar opted to be a journalist in 1991. He wanted to join the popular Urdu daily ‘Jang’. However, as a matter of what he now regards as good luck, he got his first career appointment with an English Daily: ‘The Democrat’. He later served for two months at ‘Pakistan Times’ as well, before he finally joined ‘The News’ – of which he is now an Editor.

He regards English Journalism better than Urdu, as he feels that mostly an Urdu Journalist does nothing but dealing with Statement Journalism. His own experience tells him that English Journalism in Pakistan gives a journalist more growth opportunities and more chances to learn. He feels good that he landed in English Journalism from the very start.

Experiences Abroad:
While pursuing his Masters degree from the United Kingdom, he learnt a great deal from his School and from the exposure otherwise as well. He believes that he learnt more from travelling and visiting places than what he did from the curriculum at school. He acknowledges the system of education and research over there and finds the standards of labs and libraries really up to the mark. He feels a dire need that the authorities look into the dilapidated state of government universities in Pakistan and to equip them with what the student of today needs.

His research thesis there included one on ‘Child Labor’ and for that particular one he found more than enough data on it, more than what he would have ever dreamt of in any university’s library in Pakistan; given that Pakistan is a developing country and faces the menace of Child Labor to an much more alarming extent as compared to the UK.

Ansar’s views on how to steer Pakistan through success:
He believes that the most crucial problem of Pakistan is the prevalence of the ‘Rule of Jungle’. This must be converted into the ‘Rule of Law’ in order to solve all the problems this nation is facing today.
He is of the view that the judiciary must be independent and all the big shots must obey the law. Only that is how justice can be dispensed.
In his 18 years of experience in Journalism, he has learned that whosoever came into power in Pakistan he or she never concentrated on building institutions.

He believes that we lack pride and confidence in being a Muslim. He praises the Iranian President Ahmedinejad as the only Muslim Leader who takes real pride in being a follower of the greatest religion. Among other international leaders, he feels that Mahatir Mohammad has worked really well in building Institutions.
Ansar Abbasi is very much against the Muslims’ Genocide all over the world. He condemns all the contemporary leaders from the western world and admonishes the former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf for letting the country real down, and he feels that the current regime of Peoples Party is a continuation and facilitation of the former big wigs.

He maintained a positive stance throughout the remarkable movement for the restoration of judiciary, and feels a strong desire that journalists must perform their constructive role in molding the society into a more civilized and strong one.

 Ansar Abbasi – a family man:
He is family oriented person and spends most of the free time with his family. He enjoys being with his mother, with his kids and with other close family associations.


Profile by: Talha Abbasi
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