Ahsan Iqbal

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Federal Minister for Planning and Development
MNA, NA-117 (Narowal-III)
Deputy Secretary General PML-N

Ahsan Iqbal

Elections 2013 :
Ahsan Iqbal has been sworn in as Federal Minister. He has been assigned Ministry of Planning and Development.

Ahsan Iqbal has been reelected from NA-117 (Narowal-III). He was elected from this constituency in the previous elections held in 2008. He has comfortably defeated popular singer Abrar ul Haq of PTI from this constituency with a margin of almost 43000 votes.

Ahsan Iqbal,  son of Mr. Iqbal Ahmed was born on 28th September, 1958 in Lahore. He is the Ex-Federal Minister for Education besides Secretary Information of PML (N). Earlier on 18th Feb 2008 he won the elections for the National Assembly seat from NA-117 Narowal-III, by defeating Rifat Javed Kahlon and Ibne Saeed Ch. by a great margin.

The two words “Aim High” make him feel good and strong, and in so doing, make him work towards his goal with more commitment, devotion and dedication.

He received his early education from Cantt Public School, Karachi after which he joined PAF Public School, Sargodha. He then became a student at Government College Lahore. In Ahsan Iqbal we find a proud ‘Sargodhian’ and a dignified ‘Ravian’. After completing his degree from UET Lahore he proceeded to “Wharton School of Business” , University of Pennsylvania – one of the best collegiate business schools recognized around the globe. He has also attended School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, USA and Kennedy School of Government , Harvard University, USA programmes. Moreover, his experience at Oxford University Program has shaped him what he is today. He is a man of intellect and a visionary. He is grateful to ‘Madam Well’ who taught him probably the very basics of life at Cantt Public School Karachi.

He spends his leisure time with his family and enjoys watching television. He likes reading books. Reading as a passion helps him to have a better perspective of the current affairs, politics and economic management. His analytical skills help him to make the best use of the knowledge pool available to him. He feels a strong urge that the youngsters of Pakistan must rise above prejudices to help Pakistan shine. He feels that the young folk must not get involved in blame game and conspiracy theories, and must get more connected. He believes this will give them more insight into the political scenario prevalent in Pakistan as well as around the globe. He feels that the youngsters must acknowledge the Power of Unity, and equip themselves with strengths which will help them develop a clear vision in life. He believes that there is no shortcut in life, no shortcut to success. Hard work is what makes life a success; hard work makes it beautiful, meaningful and above all rewarding in a way which gives lifetime pleasure.

During his childhood, cricket and cycling used to make his days worth living. These entertainments are now his memories which he cherishes with happiness and a nostalgia which makes him strong.

He has a taste for poetry and regards Iqbal’s work real good. He likes the writings of Irfan Siddiqi, Irfan Chaudry, Abdul Qadir Hasan and Ayaz Amir. Live Music soothes his soul and makes him feel good. He likes horses and is fond of gardening.

Sports have always been a part of his life. He is a good player of Cricket, Basketball and Tennis.

Ahsan Iqbal has been to places around the world. He loves China for their civilization, the Holy City of Madina for the aura of Spirituality, Milan for its heritage and Japan for its industrial development.

His political career started way back in 1980 – 81 when he joined IJT, while he was a student at UET Lahore. The initial days of his political career with Jamiat helped him to learn the very basic ethics and norms of politics of which he is proud of even today. Later he joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) in 1988, and today he is the Secretary Information of the party. His long association with PML (N) has given him the sense of belonging to a fine service. Elaborating on his party’s manifesto, he emphasized on the Restoration of Judiciary, as a matter of principle and as a significant contribution in helping to make Pakistan strong as well. He regards Nawaz Sharif as a leader who is competent and is well-versed with politics.

Ahsan Iqbal is quite optimistic about Pakistan. He feels that twenty years down the line Pakistan will be a bridge connecting South Asia and Central Asia. Pakistan will be an important player in Asian Affairs and will be the hub of economic activity making best use of its unique location on the world map. He believes that if the problems of “Rule of Law” and “Education” are addressed we can surmount even the insurmountable.

Among the international leaders, Deng Xiaoping of China stands out as a successful leader for Ahsan Iqbal. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping opened China's economy to the world while maintaining strict ideological control. He also regards Mahatir Muhammad and Nelson Mandela as leaders worth emulating. He has special regard for “Lee Kuan Yew” who is Singapore’s founding father.

Ahsan Iqbal has three brothers and two sisters. He is married and is blessed with three sons and a happily married daughter. One of his kids has done his BSc (Hons.) in Economics, the other one is in A-levels and the youngest is in 8th Grade.

(Profile by: Talha Abbasi)