Taseer says he’ll celebrate Basant
Taseer says he’ll celebrate Basant Taseer says he’ll celebrate Basant Taseer says he’ll celebrate Basant

PUBLISHED 7/14/2017
Monday, February 16, 2009


PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer has said that we still have not come to the conclusion that what kind of Pakistan we want, adding that we can materialise the dreams of our forefathers only if we follow thoughts and teachings of teachers like MD Taseer.

He was talking to journalists after the launching ceremony of two books of by his father Dr MD Taseer, the renowned educationist and the frontline figure of the progressive writers’ movement at the Governor’s House on Sunday.

The governor said the articles written by his father long time ago were still valid, adding that we needed to determine our course in the light of the guidance provided by intellectuals, teachers and the leaders of the early years of Pakistan. He said we had the legacy of the giants like MD Taseer who had a clear vision of a progressive and great country in their minds.

Mr Salman Taseer said Basant was an integral part of Punjab’s culture and it should be celebrated as a big cultural event, therefore, he would not only celebrate Basant himself but, would also open gates of the Governor’s House for people for celebrations.

Denying the reports on the conspiracies being hatched in the Governor’ House, he said the house was open for people and everybody was welcomed there. He said many culture events were being organised in the Governor’s House.

Earlier, the Academy of letters chairman, which published the recent books of Dr MD Taseer, titled ‘Articles of MD Taseer,’ and ‘Dr MD Taseer: Shukhsiyat Aur Funn,’ said that the academy had planned many radical programmes to promote literature and it had already published the history of art from 1947 to 1995 and was publishing the works the iconic national figures like M.D. Taseer. He said the Academy of Letters was established on the suggestion of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Salima Hashmi, Dr Mehdi Hassan, Hameed Akhtar, I.A.Rehman, Dr Anwar Ahmad and Asghar Nadeem Syed also spoke on the occasion while Shujaat Hashmi read out the poetry of Dr MD Taseer.

Meanwhile, the Shabab-e-Milli, Lahore, has criticised Punjab Governor Salman Taseer for his statement regarding Basant.

In a press statement issued on Sunday, the organisation’ Lahore president Ahmed Salman Baloch and other office-bearers condemned the governor, saying he (governor) was becoming an “initiator of liberalism.” “We will besiege the Governor’s House,” they warned, saying Basant was not festival of Lahorites as claimed by Salman Taseer. “Basant is un-Islamic and a festival of Hindus,” they added, demanding the government not to allow Basant in best interests of people.