Offer of used cars to parliamentary secys condemned
Offer of used cars to parliamentary secys condemned Offer of used cars to parliamentary secys condemned Offer of used cars to parliamentary secys condemned

PUBLISHED 7/14/2017
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

By Khalid Khattak


DEPUTY Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan has criticised the provincial bureaucrats for offering used and unfit vehicles to the newly-elected parliamentary secretaries, saying they were retaining fit vehicles for themselves.

His comments came on a point of order of PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Arshad who informed the Punjab Assembly (PA) that the newly-appointed parliamentary secretaries were being offered vehicles, which were unfit for use.

The deputy speaker, who was chairing the PA session on Tuesday, said the rights of the parliamentary secretaries would be ensured. He sought a detailed report regarding provision of new and fit vehicles to newly-appointed parliamentary secretaries and chairpersons of various standing committees. He directed Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan to inform the House within five days regarding provision of new vehicles.

Earlier, PML-Q’s Aamir Sultan Cheema while taking full advantage of the situation strongly criticised the Punjab government and said it was certainly a good” move by the government that parliamentary secretaries were being offered old and rusty cars. He sarcastically questioned, “Why would they need new and fit cars?”

Rana Sanaullah Khan informed the House that he had already discussed the issue with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He further said the CM had agreed that all those cars which were really in poor condition would be sold out, adding the money earned through sale of such vehicles would be spent on purchase of new cars so that the government exchequer had to bear minimum.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Punjab government had appointed 34 members of the provincial assembly (MPAs) parliamentary secretaries on 30th of the last month.

Sources in the Services & General Administration Department (S&GAD) informed The News that the department had started retrieving official vehicles from officers of the department and its attached wings as soon as the government appointed the parliamentary secretaries.

They said, interestingly, the parliamentary secretaries started showing reluctance when they came to know that they would be provided “much used” Suzuki Cultus cars bought during 2003.

The sources further said the S&GAD was having a fleet of over 40 such cars which were being used for the last many years, adding their condition was certainly not so good. They added these vehicles needed frequent repair and maintenance owing to which parliamentary secretaries were reluctant to use these as official vehicles.

To a question a senior official from the S&GAD, while seeking anonymity, said a parliamentary secretary was entitled to an official vehicle and Rs 15,000 allowance for its fuel, maintenance and driver.

He further said owing to ban on purchase the S&GAD could not buy new vehicles. He added the department would not retrieve the cars from its officers once it was cleared that parliamentary secretaries were not being offered these cars.