Dr. AQ Khan is a free man.
Dr. AQ Khan is a free man. Dr. AQ Khan is a free man. Dr. AQ Khan is a free man.

PUBLISHED 7/14/2017
ISLAMABAD: Celebrated nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has said, “I am satisfied with the decision of the court, setting me free is a matter between me and the government, this has no connection with the US and added that after having received the decision, the situation would merge.”

Talking to media at his residence after a court decision terminated his detention, set him free and allowed him freedom of expression, he said that he didn’t want to delve in the past incidents, he only wanted the development of the country, “I pray that the God save the country.” He said he would not get involved in politics, the world was against him, but he remained safe due to security.

Dr. Qadeer said that the God has already punished General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf, as he can’t freely come out on the roads today. When quizzed, he said that he would not take action against anybody for keeping him in detention. He said that he would be focusing on education and setting up of welfare organizations would be my top priority. He told that he couldn’t go to Karachi for condoling the deaths of his sister-in-law and niece, therefore, he would first of all go to Karachi and try going on Umra.