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Welcome to “Pakistani Leaders Online” First ever and the largest website of contemporary Pakistani leadership.

 We, the Pakistanis, are a wonderful nation with enormous talent, abundant resources and diverse cultural and natural wealth. Our people are always ready to face any challenge and test of time.

Home to the sixth largest nation in the world, Pakistan is still a rich country in terms of talent in different spheres of life despite massive brain drain during the past few decades. We have a significant pool of talented professionals in every walk of life who can work wonders if provided an enabling environment.

Professionals from our beloved home are scattered around the globe working in major financial, scientific and technical institutions. As permanent settlers in different countries, they are the best doctors, lawyers, scientists, educationists, businessmen, bankers, etc, and are playing an important role in the progress and prosperity of the host states.

Pakistan, a country with population of about 170 million, is the first nuclear power among the Islamic states. An important player in the world affairs because of its geo-strategic location, the country is in the world focus for the past three decades.

Despite the leadership failure in the past at many occasions we are hopeful that a new leadership will emerge in Pakistan. A kind of leadership whose traits and character sketch is narrated by Iqbal in his books. Pakistan needs leaders in all walks of life, only then Pakistan will be able to carve out its position in the community of nations.

During 2001 we started working on this project by launching the website www.theleaders.info . Later in 2007 it was re launched as “Pakistani Leaders Online”

Today it is the first ever and the largest website of Pakistani Leadership. As an academic resource it is visited globally and quoted by media internationally.

We certainly hope that through this website we are facilitating people in their quest for leadership that is “made in Pakistan” and “made for Pakistan”.

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