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  Wahaj us Siraj
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Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
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Wahaj us Siraj

Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd.

Wahaj us Siraj

“Whatever I am today, I strongly believe that this would not have been possible without the help of Allah SWT and efforts of my parents. I don’t like self projection and I’ve given these details with an objective that someone may find this information useful and inspiring.” (Wahaj us Siraj)


A Hafiz-e-Quran and rightfully proud of his religious disposition, Wahaj us Siraj is the only technology savvy person in his family, to an extent that he is managing two ventures in the communication business; rest of his family being doctors: surely the kind that help people around. To the family of medical doctors, Wahaj us Siraj stands out as a unique and successful exception. His businesses are very well-known to the public at large and operate under the names of ‘Micronet Broadband’ and ‘Nayatel’ – primarily offering broadband Internet and telecom solutions.


Academia and Professional life:

Wahaj was born to the family unit of Dr Siraj ul Haq Mehmud in Gujranwala on 3rd of December 1963. Wahaj’s father served in the Ministries of Health and Planning for the major part of his professional life. His mother, Dr. Qaiser Siraj has been a well known professional and religious lady with philanthropist ideology. Wahaj received his formal early education from FG School # 1 located in sector G-6/2 and passed his intermediate with majors in Pre-Engineering as a student of Gordon College Rawalpindi 1980. Thereafter, Wahaj joined University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore for his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.


He started his professional career with a job in the ‘ Pakistan Council of Appropriate Technologies – Ministry of Science & Technology’ and worked for two years there until he was offered scholarship to pursue his Masters degree in Engineering from The University of Melbourne, Australia. He rejoined the Ministry after completing his MS in 1990. He was then posted as Assistant Technological Adviser in the Ministry of Science & Technology. During his stay with the Government, he got deputed to COMSATS as well and also served the Ministry of Information Technology.


It was in 2001 that Wahaj us Siraj bid farewell to Government Service, in order to enjoy the freedom of work and get working without the dependencies which the public sector setups bring in.


The word “PIONEER” explains him: 

Wahaj us Siraj brought solutions to the public at large which were unheard of, one being “Broadband” and the other being “Fiber to the home” (FTTH) technology. His setups by the name of Micronet and Nayatel are a matter of pride for all of us, for he has put in great efforts to bring all this up.


Wahaj’s Urge to all - Love your Homeland: 

Wahaj believes that when people love their own community, or for that matter their faith it gives them a sense of belonging. On the contrary it is seldom that we find people loving the State, for the State does not reciprocate in a like manner. Wahaj opines that the state must give education, provide protection, justice and cater for healthcare – all in order to make people more-than-love Pakistan, all in order to make the enterprises flourish and all in order to create an environment which is conducive for businesses. ‘Pakistan should be such a state’, that is what souls like Wahaj us Siraj call for.


Wahaj opines that this can only be made practical by mending the judicial system we have and by and implementing a state-of-the-art educational system. Pakistan is one of the most gifted and the most resilient nations on the face of this earth, all it needs is good education and justice and it will be a “Nation” in the truest sense of the word.


An optimist who can see Pakistan improving: 

Wahaj holds an optimistic view about the future of Pakistan, as he says: ‘Things will improve Insha Allah’. How he sees is that, people are a big part of the whole scenario and the significant amount of public is good and judiciously honest; it is just the select few who have been pushing the country into a filthy quagmire for quite some time now.


He firmly believes in a saying: “No one can take away our freedom, if we do not want to give it to them.” Wahaj emphasizes that the real proprietors of Pakistan are the “Awam”. It is only when the Awam (Public) realizes this power and refuses to give it away that things will change for the better. It is only when the public wants to keep the power of owning an independent and sovereign piece of land; it is then that things will definitely change for the better. Government is supposed to always serve the public as evident from the term “Public Servant” used for Government Functionaries.  So the public should realize that our ruler are in fact our servants and not masters. The media has abated the days of blatant oppression; now it is a free world to speak out.


Wahaj us Siraj acknowledges the strength in “Acting” as opposed to “Criticizing”.  He praises THE JUSTICE MOVEMENT (2008-09) and believes that it would bring a profound change ever in the history of Pakistan for years to come.

A little more about the smart entrepreneur: 

He holds respect for Imran Khan and Qazi Hussain Ahmed in his heart. He also draws great inspiration from Nelson Mandela and Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry for standing up against a dictator and becoming a symbol of hope and justice for the entire nation. He finds Turkey’s spiritual leader, Fetehullah Gulen, and leader Tayyip Erdogan of Justice and Development Party as a role model for modern Islamic world. Wahaj us Siraj spends his leisure time going through management books by western authors, all in order to understand why west has prospered and we have not.


Wahaj us Siraj is a faithful man by disposition, who is not apologetic for being a Muslim and Pakistani. He finds great satisfaction in the fact that Prophet (PBUH) is the best role model of leadership and humanity for all mankind to follow. (“We have made a role model for you in the life of Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)” -Qurân 33:21)


Positive thinking is what inspires Wahaj the most. He is an avid reader of newspapers and happens to go through them every day as they keep him abreast. Furthermore he also admires the writings of Ibne Safi and Naseem Hijazi from his youth days. He likes the northern areas of Pakistan and used to be a sportsman: good at playing cricket and hockey.


Wahaj believes in concept of servant leader and manages his organization by becoming a role model for his team. His prime focus is on hiring good young professionals, training them rigorously and building their character, a rare skill set practiced and taught throughout the corporate world. Many of ex-employees of his organization have found lucrative jobs in leading telecom companies outside Pakistan. The key values of Wahaj’s organisation are honesty, mannerism, simplicity, sacrifice, discipline, knowledge and hard work. He attributes the success of his organization in following these values. 


Among social workers he finds Imran Khan and Abdul Sattar Edhi as the ones who have really put up a good show. The poet inside Wahaj us Siraj likes the work of Iqbal and Faiz.

Wahaj us Siraj has come a long way in grooming himself into an entrepreneur, and despite being outspoken holds a very good reputation in the business circles. ‘Micronet Broadband’ and ‘Nayatel’ are names which speak for themselves: being state-of-the-art telecom and broadband service providers.

Wahaj is a founder member of Internet Service Providers’ Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) and has been strong activist in spearheading many reforms brought in IT and telecom industry of the country in recent years.


(Profile by: Talha Abbasi)

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